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Hydro-Electric Waterwheel Installed at Lake District Hotel

The construction and installation of a hydro-electric waterwheel has been completed at the Langdale Estate.

Smith Engineering from Maryport have designed and manufactured the four-metre diameter hydro-electric waterwheel which has also been a project in association with the University of Cumbria. The research gathered from this and other projects led by them is hoping to find sustainable energy solutions especially for developing countries. Smith Engineering have designed the waterwheel with minimum parts and components, able to be lifted into place by two men with no heavy lifting equipment, perfect for use in remote, developing countries.

But hydro-electricity is not just a vision to help developing countries, in the Lake District especially with the amount of waterways and lakes, harnessing the power of water is a realistic prospect to produce sustainable energy.

langdale waterwheel
Hydro-electric waterwheel at Langdale

At present, the whole Langdale Estate use around 6 million kilowatts of energy of a year and to generate this they use a combination of LPG, electricity and biomass. The waterwheel has made use of the already flowing waterways that run through the estate right past reception and the restaurants. The wheel should continuously produce 6kw of electricity which the estate is planning to use to power the biomass plant room and to charge the fleet of Twizy electric cars.

As with any of the green projects Langdale have implemented and installed over the years, using local firms and suppliers is key for them. The biomass system including plant room construction was carried out by Barden Energy at Kirkby Lonsdale and now the waterwheel from Maryport base Smith Engineering. It is very encouraging that businesses requiring specialist services such as these needn’t go out of the county to obtain them.